Do you have Aadhaar, you can get your Passport in 10 Days.

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Good news for Aadhar card holders , They can get their Passport only in 10 days without Prior Police verification. Earlier police verification took so much time which results in passport delay. Police verification will be done Later after issuing of  Passport.

You have to apply online with your Aadhar card, an appointment will be given within three days. Only Aadhaar card will serve the purpose of both Proof of Identity and Proof of Address, If every thing goes right you will have your Passport in hand in next seven days.

To speed up the system, Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) has now decided to rely on National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) database  and on the Aadhar card for identification of the applicant for validation of his/her criminal records. Thus, based on NCRB validation and the applicant’s self declaration on the aspects of citizenship, criminal proceedings ,criminal antecedents, , summons/ warrants etc.

The Passport will be issued and police verification will be done later, the applicant will be given the address of their local police station where he can approach to speed up police verification process,  Police verification has to be completed before going abroad, if any information declared by applicant found incorrect the passport will be impounded or revoked.


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