UIDAI Regional Office Address

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You can check below for UIDAI Regional Office address and contact details.

UIDAI Regional Office – Bangalore
UIDAI Regional Office, Khanija Bhavan,No. 49, 3rd Floor, South Wing Race Course Road, Bangalore – 01
Reception: 22340104
Fax: 22340310
# Name Designation Telephone Number Email Id
1 Ashok MR Dalwai Deputy Director General 080-22341622 [email protected]
2 Vijayasree K PS to DDG 080-22341622 [email protected]
3 Anjali Ellis Shankar Assistant Director General 080-22341612 [email protected]
4 E.P. Nivedita Assistant Director General 080-22343482 [email protected]
5 Surendra Babu Assistant Director General 080-22340103 [email protected]
6 Ashok Lenin Deputy Director 080-22250026 [email protected]
7 K. Satyavati Deputy Director 080-22250116 [email protected]
8 Nayaz K. P. Section Officer 080-22340104-221 [email protected]
9 Srinidhi V. Section Officer 080-22340104-224 [email protected]
10 Sudhakar V. Section Officer 080-22340951 [email protected]
11 Venkata Chalapathy Assistant 080-22340104-215 [email protected]
12 S. V. Srinivasan Senior Accounts Officer 080-22340336 [email protected]
13 T. A. Stalin Assistant Accounts Officer 080-22340336 [email protected]
14 Yahaya Magdum Manager (IEC) Campaign Implementation) [email protected]
15 Prashant Kumar H. S. Sr. System Analyst [email protected]
16 Asha Krishnan Manager State Projects [email protected]
17 Deepak Agarwal Manager State Projects [email protected]
18 Asim Prakash Manager State Projects [email protected]
19 Jeyabal Rajasegaran State Resource Person [email protected]
20 Noushad P. State Resource Person (Thiruvanthapuram) [email protected]
21 Saridha Ramamurthy State Resource Person [email protected]
22 Vimal Geo Field Support Engineer [email protected]
UIDAI Regional Office – Bangalore
UIDAI Technology Center, Level 1, Block B, Salarpuria Touchstone, Opposite New Horizon Engg College, Marthahalli-Sarjapura Outer Ring Road, Bangalore -560087
# Name Designation Telephone Number Email Id
1 Ashok MR Dalwai Deputy Director General 080-22341622 [email protected]
2 Anup Kumar Assistant Director General 080-42511203 [email protected]
3 J Sirish Choudhary Assistant Director General (Admin & Bio) 080-42511206 [email protected]
4 S. Rajendra Kumar Assistant Director General 080-42511210 [email protected]
5 Sudhir Rangappa Narayana Assistant Director General [email protected]
6 Maneesha Raman K. Deputy Director 080-42511212 [email protected]
7 Narayan Sharma Section Officer 080-42511202 [email protected]
8 M. Nirmala Rani Principal System Analyst 080-42511211 [email protected]
9 Kiran P Mahajan Sr. System Analyst 080-42511232 [email protected]
10 T.S. Jyjesh Sr. System Analyst 080-42511469 [email protected]
11 Divakar B. M. Sr. Technical Officer 080-42511468 [email protected]
12 G.Lokesh Sr. Technical Officer 080-42511470 [email protected]
13 Kamakshi S. Technical Officer 080-42511467 [email protected]
14 Abdur Rahman Track Lead Enrolment Client [email protected]
15 Bhaskar Jyoti Das Track Manager – CIDR [email protected]
16 Chalapathi Reddy System and Solution Architect [email protected]
17 K. S. Krishna Murthy Track Manager – NOC Dash Board [email protected]
18 Namita Gupta Application Manager [email protected]
19 Sanjith Sundaram Project Mgr – Authentication & Financial Manager [email protected]
20 Srinivas Natekar Project Mgr – Authentication & Financial Manager [email protected]
21 Stanley M Sirigiri Support Engineer (Application & Database) [email protected]
22 Suraj Sivaraman Track Manager Print, XML & Post Aadhaar Generation)
23 Suresh Varadaraj Application Manager [email protected]
24 T Muralidhara Product Manager [email protected]
25 Vivek Raghavan Chief Product Manager [email protected]
UIDAI Regional Office – Bangalore
UIDAI Data Center, Level 1, Block B, Salarpuria Touchstone, Opposite New Horizon Engg College, Marthahalli-Sarjapura Outer Ring Road, Bangalore -560087
# Name Designation Telephone Number Email Id
1 Ashok MR Dalwai Deputy Director General 080-22341622 [email protected]
2 S. Rajendra Kumar Assistant Director General 080-42511210 [email protected]
3 Aruna Jaipal Section Officer 080-42511216 [email protected]
4 M. Nirmala Rani Principal System Analyst 080-42511211 [email protected]
5 P.K. Rajesh Sr. System Analyst 080-42511466 [email protected]
6 Praveen Kumar M. D. Sr. Technical Officer 080-42511464 [email protected]
7 Prashanth L. Technical Officer 080-42511465 [email protected]
8 Vishwanath Jayaram Data Centre Manager (Operations) [email protected]
UIDAI Regional Office – Chandigarh
UIDAI Regional Office, SCO 139-141, 3rd and 4th Floor, Sector 17-C, Chandigarh-160017
Greivance Cell: Contact No: 0172-2711947
Fax No: 0172-2711717
Email ID:[email protected]
# Name Designation Telephone Number Email Id
1 Keshni Anand Arora Deputy Director General 0172-2771122 [email protected]
2 Amit Singal Assistant Director General 0172-2771213 [email protected]
3 Sanjay Kumar Assistant Director General 0172-2771215 [email protected]
4 Sanjeev Nagpal Assistant Director General 0172-2771214 [email protected]
5 Vivek Kumar Assistant Director General 0172-2771216 [email protected]
6 Kulbhushan Goyal Deputy Director 0172-2704139 [email protected]
7 V. P. Tyagi Deputy Director 0172-2714141 [email protected]
8 Amit Chaudhary Section Officer 0172-2771230 [email protected]
9 Prem Nagpal Section Officer 0172-2714141 [email protected]
10 Rajesh Gupta Section Officer 0172-2714141 [email protected]
11 Ajay Aggarwal Assistant 0172-2771230 [email protected]
12 Phool Singh Assistant [email protected]
13 Rajeev Kumar Senior Accounts Officer 0172-2770277 [email protected]
14 Anuradha Assistant Accounts Officer 0172-2770277 [email protected]
15 Vikas Sharma Manager – IEC Campaign Implementation [email protected]
16 Paramdeep S Bhatia Sr. System Analyst
17 Sachin Nautiyal System Analyst
18 Jitender Kumar Manager State Project [email protected]
19 Harish Bhatia State Resource Person [email protected]
20 Naveen Bansal State Resource Person [email protected]
21 Raman Abrol State Resource Person [email protected]
22 Amit Kumar Sinha Field Support Enginner [email protected]
23 Apandeep Attrey Field Support Enginner [email protected]
24 Amit Sharma Field Support Enginner [email protected]
25 Abhinav Midha Field Support Enginner [email protected]
26 Deepak Field Support Engineer
27 Siddharth Srivastava Field Support Engineer
UIDAI Regional Office – New Delhi
UIDAI Regional Office, Ground Floor, Pragati Maidan Metro Station, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi-110001
Reception/Greivance Cell: 011-23481126
Reception: 011-23481126
Fax No: 011-23481110
# Name Designation Telephone Number Email Id
1 Sandeep Verma Deputy Director General 011-23481110 [email protected]
2 Kundan Singh PS to DDG [email protected]
3 Mayank Tewari Asst Director General 011-23481112 [email protected]
4 Sunil Kumar Sharma Assistant Director General 011-23481114 [email protected]
5 Suman Kumar Assistant Director General 011-23481111 [email protected]
6 Anil Kumar Goyal Deputy Director 011-23481105 [email protected]
7 D. K. Chandel Deputy Director 011-23481107 [email protected]
8 Himanshu Dwivedi Deputy Director 011-23481106 [email protected]
9 G Satish Babu Assistant 011-23481121 [email protected]
10 Kalpana Sharma Assistant 011-23481130
11 M. K. Mishra Assistant 011-23481125 [email protected]
12 Preetam Singh Pay & Account Officer 011-23481120
13 Krishna Assistant Accounts Officer 011-23481121 [email protected]
14 Akanksha Singh Manager- IEC Campaign Implementation 011-23481118 [email protected]
15 Rakesh Ranjan System Analyst 011-23481131 [email protected]
16 Nitesh Duhan Manager State Project (Madhya Pradesh) 011-23481122 [email protected]
17 Kanika Gupta Manager State Project (Delhi) 011-23481123 [email protected]
18 Syed Uzair Ahmed Manager State Project (Rajasthan) 011-23481124 [email protected]
19 Abhay Anand Sahu Field Support Engineer (Delhi)
20 Abhay Gupta Field Support Engineer (Delhi)
21 Anupam Rathod Field Support Engineer (Delhi)
22 Manik Gupta Field Support Engineer (Delhi) [email protected]
23 Rahul Pasricha Field Support Engineer (Delhi) [email protected]
24 Anirudh Kumar Sharma State Resource Person (Rajasthan) [email protected]
25 Shahnawaz Ahmad SRP Delhi 011-23481127 [email protected]
26 Umesh Gupta State Resource Person (MP) [email protected]
UIDAI Regional Office – Guwahati
UIDAI Regional Office, Block-V, First Floor, HOUSEFED Complex, Beltola-Basistha Road, Dispur, Guwahati – 781 006
General office No.- 0361-2221819
Fax No.- 0361-2265125
# Name Designation Telephone Number Email Id
1 L. K. Pegu Deputy Director General 0361-2265137 [email protected]
2 Bapdhan Deka PS to DDG 0361-2265137 bapdhan.deka@uidai.net.in
3 B. K. Behera Assistant Director General 0361-2221819 bijaya.behera@uidai.net.in
4 Piyush Chetiya Assistant Director General 0361-2221819 Piyush.chetiya@uidai.net.in
5 Thaiu Mag Assistant Director General 0361-2221819 thaiu.mag@uidai.net.in
6 Jayanta Madhab Sarmah Deputy Director jayanta.sarmah@uidai.net.in
7 Nirmal Pegu Deputy Director 0361-2221819 nirmal.pegu@uidai.net.in
8 Dipak Kumar Singh Section Officer 0361-2221819 dipak.singh@uidai.net.in
9 K. Z. Barbhuiya Assistant 0361-2221819 khasruz.barbhuiya@uidai.net.in
10 Tapan Lal Baishya Assistant 0361-2221819 Tapan.baishya@uidai.net.in
11 Tushar Kanti Paul Senior Accounts Officer 0361-2221819 tusharkanti.paul@uidai.net.in
12 Mitun Chakraborty Manager – IEC Campaign Implementation (PMU) 0361-2221819 mitun.chakraborty@uidai.net.in
13 Devadeep Kalita System Analyst devadeep.kalita@uidai.net.in
14 Dipak K Choudhury Manager State Project dipak.choudhury@uidai.net.in
15 Shanawaj Alam Field Support Engineer 0361-2221819 shanawaj.alam@uidai.net.in
16 Sameer Pradhan State Resource Person sameer.pradhan@uidai.net.in
UIDAI Regional Office – Hyderabad
UIDAI Regional Office, 5th Floor, Block – III, My Home Hub Madhapur, Hyderabad – 500 081
# Name Designation Telephone Number Email Id
1 M. V. S. Rami Reddy Deputy Director General 040-23119911 mvs.reddy@uidai.net.in
2 P. Shailaja PS to DDG
3 K. Devarathna Kumar Assistant Director General 040-23116364 k.devarathna@uidai.net.in
4 Nagula Satyanarayana Assistant Director General satyanarayana.nagula@uidai.net.in
5 Srinivasa Rao Yarlagadda Assistant Director General srinivas.rao@uidai.net.in
6 K. Srinivasa Rao Deputy Director 040-23119269 kaligotla.srinivasa@uidai.net.in
7 K. Venkat Raman Deputy Director venkat.ramana@uidai.net.in
8 B. Lingaraj Reddy Section Officer 040-23119269 lingaraj.reddy@uidai.net.in
9 C. H. G. S. Bhushana Rao Section Officer 040-23119269 gsbhushana.rao@uidai.net.in
10 M. V. R. Anand Section Officer 040-23119269 mvr.anand@uidai.net.in
11 D. Ashok Kumar Assistant 040-23119269 dharmagadi.kumar@uidai.net.in
12 L. Narendra Assistant 040-23119269
13 N. V. Ramana Rao Accounts Officer n.rao@uidai.net.in
14 G.C. Subbarayudu Assistant Accounts Officer 040-23119269 subba.rayudu@uidai.net.in
15 Sallapudi David Brynerd Manager-IEC Campaign Implementation sallapudi.brynerd@uidai.net.in
16 Giridhar G. Sr. System Analyst gattu.giridhar@uidai.net.in
17 Bhaskar Padala System Analyst bhaskar.padala@uidai.net.in
18 Deepak Chandra Manager State Project deepak.chandra@uidai.net.in
19 C Suresh Babu Manager State Project suresh.chindalur@uidai.net.in
20 G Srinivas Reddy Manager State Project
21 Naresh Tumma State Resource Person – Hyderabad naresh.tumma@uidai.net.in
22 T.V.S.C. Srinivasa Rao State Resource Person – Chattisgarh
23 Udai Kiran Y State Resource Person – Bhubaneswar
24 Bhaskar Korikani Field Support Engineer bhaskar.korikani@uidai.net.in
25 K Srinivas Field Support Engineer
UIDAI Regional Office – Lucknow
UIDAI Regional Office, 3rd Floor, Uttar Pradesh Samaj Kalyan Nirman Nigam Building, TC-46/ V,Vibhuti Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow- 226 010.
Enrolment Related or Any Other Query : 0522-2304979
SSUP: 0522-2304978
E-Mail ID: uidai.lucknow@uidai.net.in
# Name Designation Telephone Number Email Id
1 Reema Hota Singh Deputy Director General 0522-2304981 ddgrolucknow@uidai.net.in
2 C. S. Mishra Assistant Director General 0522-2304985 csmishra@uidai.gov.in
3 Pradeep Kumar Assistant Director General 0522-2304983 pradeepkumar@uidai.net.in
4 Pooran Mal Assistant Director General 0522-2304986 Pooran.mal@uidai.net.in
5 Girish Pandey Private Secretary 0522-2304981 girish.pandey@uidai.net.in
6 Pradeep Kumar Private Secretary pradeep@uidai.net.in
7 Awedesh Chandra Nigam Deputy Director 0522-2304980 awedhesh.nigam@uidai.net.in
8 Saurabh Gupta Deputy Director 0522-2304989 saurabh.gupta@uidai.net.in
9 Sunil Kumar Pandey Deputy Director 0522-2304982 sunil.pandey@uidai.net.in
10 Ashutosh Mishra Section Officer ashutosh.mishra@uidai.net.in
11 Krishna Bihari Mishra Section Officer 0522-2304979 krishna.mishra@uidai.net.in
12 Manoj K Dwivedi Section Officer 0522-2304979(Extn)118 manoj.dwivedi@uidai.net.in
13 Rajeev Srivastava Section Officer 0522-2304979(Extn)121 rajeev.srivastava@uidai.net.in
14 Shri Shailendra Singh Pal Steno shailendra.pal@uidai.net.in
15 Abhishek Mishra Assistant 0522-2304978,79(Extn) 125 abhishek.mishra@uidai.net.in
16 Sameer Awasthi Assistant sameer.awasthi@uidai.net.in
17 Saiful Islam Senior Accounts Officer 0522-2305868 saiful@uidai.net.in
18 Jasveer Singh Assistant Accounts Officer 0522-2304978,79(Extn) 124 jasveer.singh@uidai.net.in
19 Anshul Srivastava Senior System Analyst 0522-2304979 anshul.srivastava@uidai.net.in
20 Santosh Kumar System Analyst 0522-2304979(Extn) 124 santosh.kumar1@uidai.net.in
21 Aditya Srivastava State Resource Person aditya.srivastava@uidai.net.in
22 Vivek Mishra State Resource Person vivek.mishra@uidai.net.in
23 Md. Akram Ali Manager-IEC akram.ali@uidai.net.in
24 Shri Akhil Khanna Field Support Engineer akhil.khanna@uidai.net.in
25 Praveen K Wadhwani Field Support Engineer praveen.wadhwani@uidai.net.in
UIDAI Regional Office – Mumbai
UIDAI Regional Office, 5th & 7th Floor, MTNL Building, BD Somani Marg, Cuff Parade, Mumbai – 400 005
Greivance Cell: Contact No. 022-22163492/94
# Name Designation Telephone Number Email Id
1 A. B. Pandey Deputy Director General 022-22150012 ddg.romumbai@uidai.gov.in
2 Sudha Nair PS to DDG 022-22183487
3 Aparna Mittal Assistant Director General 022-22165531/32 aparna.mittal@uidai.net.in
4 Gurudutta Ray Assistant Director General 022 – 22183489 gurudutta.ray@uidai.net.in
5 P. P. Singh Assistant Director General 022 – 22188849 prashant.singh@uidai.net.in
6 Sumnesh Joshi Assistant Director General 022 – 22186168 sumnesh.joshi@uidai.net.in
7 Balachandra Vishnu Jichkar Deputy Director bhalchandra.jichkar@uidai.net.in
8 Nivedita A Golatkar Deputy Director nivedita.golatkar@uidai.net.in
9 K Rama Krishna Section Officer kotivada.krishna@uidai.net.in
10 Rajgopal Ramnath Section Officer 022-22183482 rajagopal.ramnath@uidai.net.in
11 Anuj Kumar Pandey Assistant anuj.pandey@uidai.net.in
12 Vijay D.V. Pahiidde Assistant
13 A. L. Mishra Senior Accounts Officer 022 – 22188186 avinashchand.mishra@uidai.net.in
14 G.H. Meshram Assistant Accounts Officer 022 – 22188186 grahawarman.meshram@uidai.net.in
15 Narendranath.U System Analyst(PMU) uppara.narendranath@uidai.net.in
16 Ratnesh Kumar System Analyst(PMU) ratnesh.kumar@uidai.net.in
17 Anurag Gupta Manager State Project anurag.gupta@uidai.net.in
18 Rucha Mahale Manager State Project rucha.mahale@uidai.net.in
19 Avanish Mishra State Resource Person
20 Manoj Ranalkar State Resource Person manoj.ranalkar@uidai.net.in
21 Khursheed Alam Khan Field Support Engineer khursheed.khan@uidai.net.in
UIDAI Regional Office – Ranchi
UIDAI Regional Office, 1st Floor, RIADA Central Office Building Namkum Industrial Area,  Near STPI Lowadih, Ranchi – 834 010
# Name Designation Telephone Number Email Id
1 Nandana Munshi Deputy Director General 0651-2460290 nandana.munshi@uidai.net.in
2 Ratan Kumar Ojha PS to DDG 0651-2460290
3 Deo Shankar Assistant Director General deoshankar@uidai.net.in
4 P.K.Upadhyay Assistant Director General 0651-6571358 pradeep.upadhyay@uidai.net.in
5 Anil Kumar Deputy Director 0651-2460081 anil.kumar@uidai.net.in
6 Satyendra Choudhary Deputy Director 0651-2460091 satyendra.choudhary@uidai.net.in
7 Krishna Kumar E Section Officer
8 R. K. Prasad S.O 0651-2460081 rajesh.prasad@uidai.net.in
9 Chandresh Pratap Dwivedi Assistant chandresh.dwivedi@uidai.net.in
10 D. M. Rao DDO
11 Ajit Kumar Assistant Accounts Officer 0651-2460091 ajit.kumar@uidai.net.in
12 Anand Kumar Dey PS to ADG 0651-6571358 ananda.dey@uidai.net.in
13 Santosh Kumar PS to ADG
14 Arun K Tiwary Manager – IEC Campaign Implementation (PMU) arun.tiwary@uidai.net.in
15 Shambhu Singh Sr. System Analyst (PMU) shambhu.singh@uidai.net.in
16 Rakesh Kumar System Analyst (PMU) kumar.rakesh@uidai.net.in
17 Mr.Amarto Chakrabarty Manager State Project amarto.chakrabarty@uidai.net.in
18 Ashoke Kumar Choudhary Manager State Project ashoke.choudhary@uidai.net.in
19 Chiranjeet Chakraborty State Resource Person chiranjeet.chakraborty@uidai.net.in
20 Ravindra Mehta State Resource Person ravindra.mehta@uidai.net.in
21 Abhijit Gaurav Paty Field Support Engineer abhijit.paty@uidai.net.in
22 RPrasun Hore Field Support Engineer
UIDAI Regional Office – Greater Noida
UIDAI Data Center, Plot No. 2,3 & 4. Knowledge Park – 4, Gautam Budh Nagar, Greater Noida – 201306
# Name Designation Telephone Number Email Id
1 M. P. Gupta Technical Officer munshi.gupta@uidai.net.in
2 Rajesh Mishra Technical Officer rajesh@uidai.gov.in

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